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As we know the Radio is one of the fastest means of communication and it is one of the cheapest device which anybody can afford according to their needs. In 1894 the young Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi began working on the idea of building a commercial wireless telegraphy system based on the use of radio waves.Afterward radio comes into existence which is one of the most reliable , fastest and evergreen means of communication.In nepal first radio was introduce  in 2 April 1951 which is state owned radio boardcasting station Named ” Radio Nepal”. Now in nepal also there are hundreds of radio in various part of the country working for better society one of them is Radio Safalta 103.4 MHz where i involve as a Program Coordinator.

Why i choose Radio ? 

Nepal is a developing countries where means of communication is gradually developing day by day. More than 75% of the places of nepal are rural area where there is not much enough facilities for other media. If there is means of other media also they don’t expose the voice of there village and remote area. That means other means of Media are still not being able to be the friends of people in village and remote area. That’s why i feel radio is the best of the best and ever green Media which can explore the voices of village and remote area too. Another things is that where ever i go anywhere for any purpose i can record the voice in my recorder are in my smartphone or even in my simple mobile phone  , i can record the actual/real feelings and voice which can expose their real original sorrows and happiness, Problems and Pain and many more. From which i can prepare the real story program , reports and many other valuable program.

Similarly i can expose the youth who are working with hard effort in their relative field and achieving success. I believe the interview with such a youth brings lots of change in them also and to the listener can take it as a role model and start their life following their successful story.

Again i am in the radio which is located at one of the beautiful place in the world Pokhara , Nepal. Thousands of tourist come here and enjoy and get excited by looking the beauty of pokhara which have beautiful landscape with lots of natural beauty like ever green hills and mountain, always twinkling himalayas like Mount Machhapuchre , Annapurna , dhaulagiri etc , various gorgeus river, caves and many more with rich bio-diversity. Similarly foreigner can try various adventurous games like rafting , bunjee jumping , Rock climbing , paragliding , Mountain bike , canoying etc. More over tourist here in nepal comes for various research and for refreshment to enjoy their holidays.

My focus through the Radio Program ” Safalta Gossip” is to explore the experience of various foreigner who came from different part or the world. Through the program they can express their feelings towards Nepal , how they feels here in Nepal and whether they gets any problem during their stay in Nepal or not . Means through the program foreigner can review their days in Nepal and can left the message to other foreigner and Nepalese too.

Now lets come to my another interest , i conduct various refreshment phone in program and sms based program too. Through the program i get a chance to be connected with various people around the Nepal and Nepalese people around the worlds also. I can share their happiness and sorrow and make them relief by suggesting. Similarly i can make them conscious in various issues and give them various ideas to solve the problem. Express my nationality and devotion towards my country and make them think similarly.

That’s the reason why i am choosing a Radio Program. 🙂 If anyone in the world likes my work and interest  towards my work feel free to contact. We can work together to spread positivity around the world by any means. Here i am using the radio for the same kinds and remember that any things and work can be linked up with radio program. So whoever you are and whatever you do , my program can linked you.

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If you want to know about specific program which i conduct through the radio , you can go to the submenu of this Radio Program menu.

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