Today’s Youth

Radio Safalta 103.4 MHz is one of the prominent radio stations in Pokhara which has been producing and broadcasting radio programs on various subject matters. We make programs on health, economics, politics, entertainments, youths, social issues and so on. We believe a huge number of listeners go through our programs everyday around Gandaki region and globally via internet.
It seems like young people are being deviated from their social responsibility these days. There are not remarkable participations of Youth in the field of social, economical and political stuffs. Development of healthy community and a nation depends on young people. At present, Nepali young people are getting away from their responsibilities and are selling their skills in foreign land. This is what we all of us have seen and experienced in our life. Our main objective is to advocate and bring this matter up to our wave youth empowerment. So, that is why, we have put forward our proposal expecting your co-operation in our social mission.
Radio Program Aaja Ka Yuwa ( Today’s Youth)”
Nepal is now on its way finally to get politically stable. Things are slowing being changed. Social issues are being addressed by the state. It’s a time now for economic revolution. It’s a time for young people to move on with their hands together for development. Unfortunately, Young people are moving to foreign lands for employment.

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